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Projects Eastern Europe

2006 - 2007: Kosovo

IT- and process-consultancy, organization of study tours and trainings

For the client KOSTT, the newly established Power Market Operator , market-and business processes and frame contracts have been designed as well as functional specification for basic- ICT-requirements.

2004 - 2005: Romania

IT- and process-consultancy, testing, training

For Transelectrica, the operator of the Romanian balancing market, market-and business processes fot the balancing market have been designed and implemented as well as a software to support these processes.

2005: Romania

IT-consultancy, testing, training

For OPCOM, the operator of the Romanian Power Day-Ahead Market, the existing IT-landscape as well as the business processes have been reviewed and the IT-landscape became newly designed. Additional, newly implemented software modules enabled OPCOM to offer new products at the market.

2005: Russia

IT- and Business Process Consultancy

For our client, a larger regional utility in Western European Russia, we’ve contributed to an project to develope new standard load profiles for household and residential customers using a statistical software and data of sample meters.