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Projects Energy Consultancy

The following selection of projects provides an overview about our professional experience:

2012 - 2015

Interim management team leader, project manager, professional and technical consultant, IT-consultant

For our client, the Voltaris GmbH, a national service provider, we have supervised and implemented various projects over three years, reorganized the team responsible for energy data management and introduced and trained new team members. We established a new business process for energy forecast, balancing management and settlement for the market roles supplier and balance responsible party and acted as key account for the largest client of the service provider. Furthermore, the existing software components (robotron esales) a have been improved and enabled for additional functionalities.


Interim management and professional responsible Energy Data Management, Market Role DSO

For our client, a large Meter Data Operator and service provider, we have improved business processes and existing software components (Kisters BelViS, robotron ecount) in order to complete the implemented EDM-Processes according MaBiS.

2010 - 2011

Project management EnergyData Management, EDM Strom, Team leader of the Task Force Balancing

For our client, a large German network operator, we have improved business processes and enabled the existing software (SAP IS-U and SAP EDM) to balance energy in ordert o enably conformity with effective marked rules.

2009 - 2010

Project management and project coordination, Testmanagement, Training

For our client, a large German metering service provider, we have managed the implementation of the energy data management functionality of SAP –EDM. This was a part project of a larger project for unbundling the network operator and supplier functionalities in SAP IS-U. Therefore, a substantial re-design of the existing business processes including the information exchange between the subsidiaries of the holding was necessary.

2007 - 2008

Process Design and IT-Consultancy

For our client, a leading German Utility, we have reorganized the business processes for the market role Balance Responsible Party and established supporting software based on the existing functionalities of robotron ecount. By this, the client was enabled to fulfil the new responsibilities according to the market rules (DUM-Richtlinie) especially to implement basic contracts for balance responsibility.

2005 - 2006

Management consultancy, Implementation of Regulatory Management

For our client, a larger German DSO , we have established and implemented all business processes according to the so-called business model “Lean network operator” required for Regulatory Management and reporting again German regulatory authority. The project activities covered to establish the rules, tools and processes to document communication with the Regulatory Authority, the design of the department for regulatory management including the interfaces to other departments (e.g. energy billing, energy management, accounts receivables) in order to get access to the data required to regulation management.