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Reliable networks

Success for your projects in Eastern Europe and the GUS countries

Since liberalization we are active in the German energy market- Ozur consultants combine sound economical and engineering background with excellent understanding of technical and business processes of electricity networks and energy management and the appropriate requirements and conditions for IT-infrastructure in liberalized, regulated and in still vertically integrated energy markets.

Our expertize covers processes and software for Power and Balancing markets, allocation of cross-border capacities, balancing management, settlement of balancing and settlement of energy from renewable sources. . Furthermore we organize and proceed workshops and trainings about various topics of liberalized energy markets e.g. energy supply and billing for all market roles and utility processes..


  • 2011 „Energy management and energy audit“
    Two-days workshop for Russian professionals during the professional training program „Energy efficiency for Russian managers“ Deutsche Energieagentur (DENA), Berlin, Germany
  • 2010 “Energy market and contracting services”
    Two-days workshop for Russian professionals during the „Training program for Russian network operators of des MRSK Ural“, Deutsche Energieagentur (DENA)/Verband der Energie-und Wasserwirtschaft (VWEW), Berlin, Germany
  • 2010 „E-Energy – Smart Grid made in Germany“
    Lecture during a study tour for professionals, Technical university Tomsk, Russian Federation

In case you are interested in further information, please refer to: info@power-consult-kehrer.de


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